Utilitarian Non-Arguments on Guns

Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:50:38 -0500

After reading several utilitarian non-arguments on guns I wish to point out
a few flaws- First the American left has tried to pin violence on firearms.
Their propaganda from HCI and others suggests that if guns were eliminated
we would be safe. Many of the posts on Extropians center on "guns". The
facts are that firearm violence accounts for a minor percentage of American
violence. You are much more likely to be stabbed or clobbered with a bat.

According to the US Department of Justice' Bureau of Justice Statistics...


Most violent victimizations did not involve the use of weapons. Offenders
were armed in 34% of victimizations of males (2,042,000) and in 24% of
victimizations of females (1,126,100)

Read "Violence-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments
August 1997, NCJ-156921 Michael R. Rand BJS Statistician"

* People injured in violence were treated for a
variety of injuries:

34% for bruises or similar injuries
31% for cuts, stab wounds, or
internal injuries
17% for fractures, sprains, dislocations, dental
injuries, or other muscular/skeletal injuries
5% for gunshot injuries
5% for rapes/other sexual assaults
4% for concussions or other head
5% for other injuries.

* About 92% of violence victims treated in ED's were released at
once after treatment; about 7% were hospitalized for further

It really is true the adage: "Guns don't kill, people do."

Regards, Matt Gaylor

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