Re: Media update (Spreading Extropy)

Brian Atkins (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:54:19 -0600

Yep, the various things associated with Extropy seem to have
really started percolating into more and more mainstream media
as people become more positive about the future...

Have there been discussions on the list previously regarding
ways to increase the rate of spread of Extropian memes?
It seems like it might eventually get so widespread that it
could turn into a political party.

What about creating an Extropian GIF and everyone putting it
on their websites?

M. E. Smith wrote:
> Brian Atkins wrote "In other media, the 6.01 issue of
> Wired is quite an extropian
> cornucopia."
> I concur. I noticed that too. Particularly extropian
> is a one page essay near the beginning which quite
> matter-of-factly explains, through comparisons with
> other stages of life's evolution and the role played
> by information "technologies" in evolutionary leaps,
> that life on Earth is about to witness another such
> evolutionary leap. (There's even a picture of a lemur
> operating a computer mouse, connoting the idea of
> evolution through information technology.) Also,
> there is an article in favor of individuals (as
> opposed to governments) having the right to alter
> their genetic makeup. I remember the title of this
> article, it's "Overcoming Yuk".
> It's enough to make you wonder who needs the magazine
> "Extropy"...
> (I had been meaning to mention this here, but I
> wanted to be able to cite authors and quote page
> numbers, and I never had my copy of Wired with me at
> the right times. (The new issue isn't on the web
> yet.) Oh, well, just find it yourselves, folks...)
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