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> From: Keith Elis <>

> Michael M. Butler wrote:
> > >and they may not be the most practical method of ensuring
> > >your own personal autonomy and freedom.
> >
> > This, while it is arguable, is a complete non-sequitur. The "if
> > this is so, then" part of your sentence suggests a sequitur for
> > which I find no evidence in any of the rest of your post. Are you,
> > perhaps, throwing sand in the bull's eyes?
> Huh? If the aggregate external costs are greater than the aggregate
> external benefits

That's exactly the question. ARE the aggregate external costs
greater than the aggregate external benefits?

The early evidence says not.

For example, a randomly-selected American is -- even according to the
most anti-gun of the credible studies -- many times more likely to
use a gun in a successful defense against a crime, than to be injured
by a gun.

But this apparently contrafactual hypothesis is the basis for your
entire argument.
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