Re: pax magni fratris

Dwayne (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 18:32:44 +1100 (EST)

> : > It's amazing how the Cold War, the nuclear era, was one of the most
> : > peaceful periods in Europe's entire history. It still is peaceful,
> : > apart from some fringe areas like Yugoslavia that don't have anything
> : > more advanced than primitive artillery, and a bad distribution of guns.
> :
> : I think that phrase should read "was one of the most peaceful periods
> : in Europes entire history *since the Roman Empire*. Peaceful periods
> : in Europe tend to not last a generation, Europe was at peace for quite
> : a bit longer than that in the first couple of centuries AD.
> For most of the intervening period, though, I doubt anybody thought
> much about the concept of peace *throughout Europe*. How long did
> the average *county* go between wars? Much more than a generation,
> I'd imagine.

This depends on what you mean, and where you are. Given that the wars had
to actually -take place- somewhere, there were more than likely areas which
saw frequent combat, being close to a major travel/trade route etc.
Post-Roman Europe was a pretty nasty place, and aside from icky foreigners
coming in and bashing people up, there were the fuedal lords to reckon with
as well...