Re: Oceania?

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 15:26:20 -0800 (PST)

> | At 11:52 AM 12/21/97 +0100, den Otter <> wrote:
> | >P.s: whatever happened to the Oceania Libertarian Island project?

Of the four co-founders of the Atlantis project, Leader Eric Klien
is now running, an ISP, to earn enough money to pay
off the debts the project incurred building the model and other
expenses. The model is complete and in his possession. Mike Oliver
is still doing real estate development, Chuck Geshlider is no longer
easy to find (last we heard he's on some Indian reservaton trying
to teach them what "sovereign" means), and I'm here hanging out
with Extropians. Eric still plans to do something with the project,
but I don't work with him directly anymore, so I can't say what his
specific plans are. You can reach him through

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