Careful where you point that label (was Re: Gun census Tally:

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:14:32 -0800


>I personally think that the numbers show that
>extropian posters, those who are active participants, tend to be pro-gun
>to a far greater degree than the population as a whole, so I think that
>this might also be included in any description of extropians, as having
>this tendency.

People react to labels.

Please consider a different label, such as "pro self defense", "pro
peacefully armed" or "anti victim disarmament".

"Pro gun" is exactly what antigun activist like as a label; meanwhile
they're busy as hell trying to keep themselves labeled "anti-violence".

>b) from the exercise of force by individuals willing
>to fight and die to gain such rights, authority, or power, either for
>themselves, or ==>>>for the group of people they represent. <<<==

Emphasis above mine.

>I cannot understand how any Libertarian
>atheist can not support the right of the individual to keep and bear
>arms. ANything other than this seems extremely hypocritical to me.

How about shortsighted? See the flagged part of your comment above.

"Oh, that? I _delegated_ that nasty thing. Let them pick up the garbage and
fight fires while they're at it. zzz...zZzZZZZZ..."


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