A holiday message from the Libertarian Futurist Society

Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 09:42:50 -0500

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A holiday message from the Libertarian Futurist Society:

Happy holidays, and thanks for reading this message, forwarded to you by Matt
Gaylor. Matt has just joined the Libertarian Futurist Society because he
supports individual freedom, enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy and
wants to live in a free future. If you share Matt's interests and values, you
might want to join us, too!

Founded in 1982, the LFS sponsors the annual Prometheus Award and Prometheus
Hall of Fame, publishes the quarterly "Prometheus," arranges a Prometheus
awards ceremony at the annual Worldcon, debates libertarian futurist issues
(such as private space exploration) and provides fun and fellowship for
libertarian science fiction fans.

Edited by Anders Monsen, the LFS's "Prometheus" newsletter contains more
reviews of freedom-oriented science fiction and fantasy from a libertarian
perspective than you can find anywhere else. Plus, our newsletter includes
regular news updates about libertarian and individualist authors, interesting
columns, reports on Worldcon events and occasional short fiction.

Now is an exciting time to join us because the LFS is reorganizing to upgrade
our programs, provide better services and offer more opportunities to get
involved. For example, effective in 1998, we are recruiting volunteers for
several new projects and committees, such as Worldcon outreach and organizing
LFS parties at other cons.

There's another good reason to join or subscribe now. For the first time in
more than a decade, we are raising membership dues, effective Jan. 1, 1998.
But if you join now, you can take advantage of cheaper rates: $15/yr. for
Basic membership ($20/yr in 1998). Make your checks to LFS and mail them
(postmarked in December for the cheaper rates) to LFS Offer, c/o Victoria
Varga, 89 Gebhardt, Penfield NY 14526.

Basic membership, which includes the newsletter, helps support the Prometheus
awards, which have helped bring recognition to up-and-coming writers at
crucial times in their career, and ensure a continuing libertarian voice and
vision in science fiction.

The LFS made history earlier this year when Victor Koman's "Kings of the High
Frontier" was chosen the 1997 Prometheus Award winner. In a living embodiment
of libertarian futurism, this is the first time that an electronic/Internet
novel has won a major award. Past Prometheus winners include L. Neil Smith
("The Probability Broach," "Pallas"), James Hogan ("Voyage From Yesteryear,"
"The Multiplex Man"), F. Paul Wilson ("Wheels Within Wheels"), Vernor Vinge
("Marooned in Real Time") Victor Koman ("The Jehovah Contract," "Soloman's
Knife"), J. Neil Schulman ("The Rainbow Cadenza"), Michael Flynn ("In the
Country of the Blind"), Brad Linaweaver ("Moon of Ice") and Ken MacLeod ("The
Star Fraction").

As a Basic member, you will have the right to nominate current novels for the
Prometheus Award and older classics for the Hall of Fame. Basic members also
vote for the annual Hall of Fame winner. Past winners include Robert
Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451,"
George Orwell's "1984," Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," Ursula LeGuin's "The
Dispossessed," Poul Anderson's "Trader to the Stars," Alfred Bester's "The
Stars My Destination," Eric Frank Russell's "The Great Explosion," C.M.
Kornbluth's "The Syndic," F. Paul Wilson's "An Enemy of the State" and Robert
Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's hilarious "Illuminatus" trilogy.

If any of these novels happen to be among your personal favorites, you really
should join us or subscribe! If you're not ready to join just yet, you can
find out more about us by subscribing to Prometheus. If you subscribe now,
you pay only $12 for four issues ($15/year in '98.) Overseas (airmail): Add
Sample back issues: $3, 2 for $5 or 3/$6.

More information about the LFS, including a complete list of past
award winners, is available at


but contact Varga directly to join.

With your support, the Libertarian Futurist Society can make further strides
toward a free future and continue to give outstanding writers the recognition
they deserve.


Michael Grossberg, LFS co-founder (mikegrossb@aol.com)
Victoria Varga, LFS director (vvarga@compuserve.com)
Anders Monsen, Prometheus editor

P.S. If you have read a 1997 novel that may be worthy of the Prometheus
award, we'd like to know about it. Although only LFS members may officially
nominate novels for our awards, we'd be happy to check out your suggestions.
Just email Michael Grossberg (mikegrossb@aol.com), chairman of the Prometheus
Finalists (Judges) Committee, by mid-January. (And keep him posted if you
read worthy 1998 novels.)


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