Twink (neptune@mars.superlink.net)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 08:24:38 -0500 (EST)

At 11:52 AM 12/21/97 +0100, den Otter <otter@globalxs.nl> wrote:
>P.s: whatever happened to the Oceania Libertarian Island project? Can't get
>any useful (up to date) information from their website, and they don't
reply to

I believe I heard about this in the early 1990s and dismissed it as yet another
quixotic "new country" project. Such projects have been around for a long
time. (See Erwin S. Strauss's _How to Start Your Own Country_.) Usually,
they turn out to be too head-in-the-clouds or just real estate schemes.

This does mean I'm against the idea. It's a great one, but until someone can
come up with a practical plan, as opposed to a neat idea with some slick
brochures/web pages, I remain skeptical.

Daniel Ust