Re: Euthanisa -Reply

den Otter (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:52:51 +0100

Douglas Whitworth <> wrote:
> EvMick <> wrote
> > In all these cases there came a point where the doctors
> >"ditched" them...and gave them over to the care of a Hospice.
> I'm sure that there are many list members who can identify with your
> sentiments , and who, too, have struggled to come to terms with the
> seemingly senseless perpetuation of a "life" that is, for all intents and
> purposes, over. Perhaps there is a " light at the end of the tunnel"
> however. In time, once Biostasis becomes more widely developed and
> available/recognised etc, the Law could be changed so as to enable a
> person diagnosed with a fatal illness, but who may, say, have 6 months
> to live, to voluntarily undergo biostasis prior to entering into the really
> traumatic final stages of the illness, thus saving all involved much agony,
> and replacing it with hope instead.
This reminds me of one of my pet ideas: a "retirement community" for
immortalists on a nice little tropical island with private law. The elderly and
terminally ill could finish their lives there (or get well) in comfort (holiday
style living), among like-minded people and with cryonic suspension teams
standing by. You can use any drugs you want to ease the discomfort of
terminal illness (or just for fun), and you can choose euthanasia if things get
unbearable. There are no legal hassles. Planned death of course also means a
(much) better suspension. Bodies of the deceased can be stored on location,
again preventing legal problems (but you'll have to officially become full citizen
this island state first, I suppose, so that some moronic relatives supported by
an even more moronic government can't "claim" your body for "decent burial").
Too bad there is no money for something like this...

P.s: whatever happened to the Oceania Libertarian Island project? Can't get
any useful (up to date) information from their website, and they don't reply to