RE: Re Look out! long hair gun loon!

Michael Figaro (
Sun, 21 Dec 97 04:45:16 UT

I find it facinating that the predominant discussion centers on statistics
gathered on geographical units that have no relevance to most of us. How many
of you spend most of your time within geography which correlates closely to
one of the mentioned statistical entities? The bulk of my time is spent in my
home, neighborhood and workplace. My individual actions with respect to
firearms are governed by the reality within those georgraphic zones. I saw
nothing that correlates anywhere closely to those zones in your statistics.
The murder rate of the United States of America is not relevant to me, even
though I live within its boundaries. Neither is the murder rate of the
metropolitan area within which I live.

Far more relevant is acquiring knowlege about the reason that individuals are
killing and when/if it matters. I personally find even this issue somewhat
boring because I possess the intellect and the means to avoid high risk
scenarios without feeling geographically constrained. So do most of the
individuals I know who possess intellects which I value.

The greatest hinderance to our pursuit of knowlege and implementation of our
discoveries is not armed thugs but the authorities who restrict our activities
as a rational for protecting us from such thugs. I might add that the
greatest threats to my safety and longevity also come from the "protectors".
Your statistics only serve as a pseudo rationale for justifying their
existance. By using these statistics as a basis for arguing "for" or
"against" you are only legitimizing centralized decision making.