Re: Re Look out! long hair gun loon!

Brian Atkins (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:40:55 -0500

Yeah, exactly- haven't the people on this list ever watched
Twin Peaks? There's stuff out there in those small towns... ;-)

Geoff Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, Wayne Hayes wrote:
> > Brian D Williams <> writes:
> >
> > > "A country that wants to
> > > be unarmed and free
> > > wants what never has
> > > been, and never will be."
> >
> > > Thomas Jefferson
> >
> > Obviously neither you nor Jefferson have heard of, say, Canada, or most
> > of the countries in Western Europe of late. Jefferson has the excuse
> > that Western Europe had a substantially different face when he was alive.
> > What's yours?
> Canada? Well, I live here in fact. Last month, a bunch of 13 year old
> girls broke another girl's legs with baseball bats (please note:
> baseball bats are sporting equipment, not weapons?) then threw her into a
> lake to drown in the small, peaceful town of Victoria, British Columbia.
> My point?
> a) Anything can be a weapon, you can't get rid of
> them, so there's no point in saying "it's too soon to say."
> b) Canada is not the peaceful little place you think it is, and the peace
> you do see is definitely not the result of a lack of guns. The only way
> you can stop people from hurting each other is if you put everyone in
> their own padded cell. Guns just make the process less painful for the
> victim. (would you rather be shot in the head or stabbed to death?)
> Conclusion: There will always be weapons(even if it's just a big rock
> off the ground, or your fist), ergo the only way to stay free
> is to arm yourself against those who would oppress you.
> Geoff.
> > You may be right in the long term, but it's too soon to say.
> >
> >

The future has arrived; it's just not evenly distributed.
                                                       -William Gibson
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