Re: the ultimate refrigerator

Hara Ra (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:01:10 -0800

John K Clark wrote:

> I have thought of a problem with the Black Hole refrigerator idea however.
> You're going to have to put your heat radiators pretty close to the event
> horizon because Black Holes are small but they must fill a large part of the
> shy. When you get that close the huge gravitational field is going to blue
> shift light, including the ubiquitous cosmic microwave background radiation,
> except that it wouldn't be microwave radiation anymore, it will be infrared
> or beyond.

There's an easy fix to this. Use a telescope. What telescopes do is
enlarge the amount of sky seen by the telescope's magnifying power.
Using a very low f ratio means your radiator can see a lot of black hole
in the sky, at a reasonable distance. Just focus the telescope on the
black hole and put the radiator on the focal point.

If anyone doesn't get this, I will go to the trouble of drawing an
diagram in ASCII (not my favorite thing....)

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