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Fri, 19 Dec 1997 18:34:59 EST

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<< Fully automatic weapons
are almost non-existent in Canada (outside the military), and I suspect
the same is true for most of Western Europe. >>

The only way an american citizen can have a fully automatic weapon is to pay a
special bribe to the BATF...theyre rather expensive and rare.

<So, as I said, since it is clear to me that there exist countries
today that are substantially unarmed and also free and peaceful, it is
unclear that Jefferson's statement will be proved correct in the long

I guess we have a different definition of "freedom'...I've been to Canada a
few times...Toronto as a matter of fact....It doesn't fit my definition of a
free country..(soooooo many rules and regulations...and TAXES!!!!!!!) .and
neither does Greece or Germany...the only european countries I've visited.
>From what I've heard on this list neither England nor Holland are very free

Does anyone know of a free country? That where the state does not
steal over half your income...can take your property at will, or tell you how
to use it arbitrarily...and has other powers over what you can and can not do
(censorship, consensual sex, drug use, thinking dirty thoughts on a steamboat that)

The first and foremost freedom a person has is the right to defend that's a rare commodity...many times you have more to fear
from "authority" than criminals.. Which is my whole point....

I think Jefferson was absolutely right..