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SIGGRAPH 98 Art Show, July 1998

Submission Deadline: January 14, 1998

This exhibit will probe the physical, conceptual, and psychological issues of
touch -- the tactility of the image, the responsiveness of an artwork through
the sense of touch, or the ephemeral sensation of touch and connection through
the Internet, VR or telecommuni-cations. This exhibition will focus on
rematerializations of digitized experiences. Artists are challenged to
the tactility of materials in the electronic or printed page, touch-based
responsive processes in the interface, or the extension of physicality to the
ephemeral emotion of being in-touch via the internet. This exhibition will
highlight the contemporary aesthetics of the electronic image: as visual
interactive image, animated image, virtual image, Web image. This exhibition
will include 2D prints, drawings, photographs, mixed media and artists' books,
3D sculpture and kinetics, interactive installations, ARTSITE Web projects,
live telecommunication events, and performances. A catalog will be published.

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

For submission information:

Or contact:
Conference Management
Smith, Bucklin and Associates
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
+1.312.321.6876 fax

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