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> >So tell me what does this mean? Probability? Was this bound to happen?
> How many times have you had these feelings and they've been wrong? I know
> in my case the answer is 'lots'. And how do you know that you ever had
> those feelings and they aren't just false memories created after the
> fact? Did you write anything down at the time?
> Personally I think our brains go wrong far, far more often than most of
> us realise, and that explains an awful lot of 'psychic' experiences...
> and why they can't be reproduced in a laboratory.


Obviously it's natural to have those types of feelings and be wrong. Of
course it happens more than not. But when instance after instance occur, I
tend to wonder. And of course I can't prove to you they are false memories
that happened after fact, I can only tell you honestly, that was my
experience; that's what happened. I'm not going to forget the events that
happened in an instance like that. On the contrary I remember them quite
clearly. No I didn't right anything down at the time, but when I first had
that "vision" of the yellow rider truck, I did mention it to my mother, but
at the time I didn't think it was overly significant, but she still can
recall me mentioning it. And also right after I put down the phone with my
friend, and then came back, I told him what had happen. I told several
people directly after the incedent. And they all can recall what I said.
And as far as brains "going wrong" (whatever you exactly mean by that),
perhaps that will explain some failures in attempt to reproduce in a
laboratory, but what about those psychic experiences in which someone makes
mention of something ahead of time and it happens to come true. Are all of
our brains "going wrong" coneviently at the same time?