Re: guns guns guns

kip (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 14:00:40 -0500

i guess my take on the gun ownership thing is this: i really dont want
anyone telling me that im A.) too suggestable to read pornography B.)
unable to control my intake of non-lethal drugs, and C.) too irresponsible
to own a gun.

i dislike being legislatively told what i can and cant do. too often these
rules are based on others' morality, statistical analysis, or fears. i am
able to handle pictures of nude women, have smoked pot without succumbing to
crack addiction, and know a gun in my hands wont turn me into frank nitti.
why does the government, or the darker forces of liberalism feel they know

as an extropian, i feel we all progress as humans when we have the least
restrictions. i fear calls for laws about cryogenics and cloning are going
to result in strictures that hurt more than help.