Re: look out! long-haired gun loon! | natural balances

Dan (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 19:23:58 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Thomas Malthus wrote:

> Think about a virus for a minute. Similar to something living, a virus'
> only purpose is basically to destroy life. Why did it ever

Viruses have no "purpose." They exist to replicate, period.
Whatever they do to the host is either a side effect or used as a
replicative advantage. (You sneeze, friend gets sick)

> We keep finding cures and more lethal and complex diseases arrive. A
> sign maybe?

A sign of evolution, yes. A sign of some higher "balance and
harmony of nature" that you keep eluding to, probably not.

> thought it was an interesting point to touch upon. Ever notice it's universally
> accepted that basically man was meant to conquer the earth, and that the earth was
... Not on the Extropians mailing list, it's not.

> why. There are laws to life and balances. If we don't abide by them, something's bound
> to happen. We keep progressing, and searching for new technology, but to what end? And

Please 1) List some or all of these "laws to life" (as I am sure
the Santa Fe Institute would love to know them) and 2) the basis for your
belief in them.

> for them. They are content, they take what they need, and give back. They follow the
> balance. Now if they can survive in peace with nature for that long, it's damn amazing
> feat. And when we come and wipe them out with our guns, to take their land and
> resources for our expanding population it's actually quite sickening. That system of
> living, all that knowledge, down the drain.

Though your rant reeks of the "Beautiful People Myth," I won't
mention much about that, as I am only vaguely familiar with it, but enough
to avoid believing in it.

Next, their survival is not an "amazing feat." Those cultures that
couldn't sustain themselves died out. Natural selection filtered out the
rest, and we're left with those that work... a few primitive cultures, and
a lot of more advanced ones. Personally, I'd rather be in the latter
category when it comes to matters of healthcare.

Lastly, read the Extropian principles. Wiping out other cultures
with guns (or anything else... why are guns always mentioned?) is not
condoned or advocated.

> Heh, well as you can see I'm totally of the subject now, but I'm into this, screw
> guns, I have my opinions you have yours. But now I'd like to hear your opinion on some
> of the things I've just stated. It'd be interesting. Later.

My opinion: "Screw the Luddite-meme."