Re: Lorrey and 'USA in decline' idea

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 19:59:13 -0500

Philos Anthropy wrote:
> Though a little more DoomsDay-ish than I usually get into, I do agree
> with many/most of your premises and anayses. Some small modicum of
> positive change is occurring re: reduced deficits and such which I hope
> will increase. Though I'm not a survivalist, I do understand how they
> feel. I'm watching things carefully and considering investing my money
> in gold, a Swiss bank account or something to that effect and maybe
> finding another place to live if things get bad. The unfortunate thing
> is that there may be no place to go. I like those who are actively
> trying to construct such a place such as in the Atlantis Project
> ( and the Millennial Project
> ( I try to remain optimistic and
> plan/effect a better (not worse) future. What else can I realistically
> do?

I also think that in the end, there will be some form of new freedom
paradigm, but it wont be an easy or painless road to get there, and that
the dynamism of technology will be at the heart of it all.

I don't count myself among those cheering on an armageddon/downfall, but
I do expect that the liklihood of such an occurence to be high enough
that my failing to prepare at all would be simple stupid negligence.
THis is also why I speak out for individual rights as much as I do.
Given a loud enough message, governments do respond. The more we
publicly oppose continued repression in calm, measured, reasoning ways,
the later will be the day that darkness is likely to fall, and therefore
maximizes the time available to develop a technological out. THose that
simply accept further impingement on their rights for security's sake
will have only themselves to blame when they find themselves having
neither safety, nor liberty. For evil to succeed, it only requires that
good men do nothing.

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