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Just a few quick follow ups and then I kinda wanna be done with this topic...

Damien R. Sullivan wrote:

> On Dec 17, 2:36pm, Wings of the Morning wrote:
> > Damien R. Sullivan wrote:
> > > Certainly guns are meant to kill. They're meant to kill creatures
> > > trying to kill me, human or not. Perhaps you've forgotten about wolves
> > Perhaps you forgot about something called competition. In the wild animals
> > kill and get killed all the time. It keeps things in balance. Say we take out all
> We are not in the wild. We are in civilization. Humans do not have to
> kill and be killed all the time. If we made guns go away, as you dream
> about, we could have many fun predators to deal with again.

Wether you like it or not, we are under the mercy of nature and the natural world.
Humans may not have any predators, or kill or be killed all the time, but did you ever
stop to think that perhaps this is a bad thing? I know it sounds very absured, BUT...
nature developed the way it did for a reason, and it has its system of balances. Ever
stopped to think about what kind of pisition we're really in. We have no predators.
We've learned how to farm and now have a surplus of food. We're breaking nature's set
balances, and isn't life grand? What happens when those checks and balances aren't
there to keep things under control? Population increase. With less death, and more
food, the population increases; obvious enough. Population increases, and demand for
food and living space does too, does it not? What happens when the worlds population
gets so large that there isn't enough living space and food? We'll have to end up
destroying critical ecosystems so that we can pile ourselves into their space. And what
happens when that living space is full? Predators, and prey are here for a reason. Our
universe is a universe of opposites. When there is too many of one or the other, things
become unstable, but when there is equal amounts, peace and balance. Light and dark,
predators and prey, positive charge and negative charge, good and evil.Think about a
virus for a minute. Similar to something living, a virus' only purpose is basically to
destroy life. Why did it ever evlove/develope/come to be? For what purpose? Maybe a
natural population control. Ever notice usually when there's a large spread of disease
in nature, it seems to come out of no where, kills of the abudence of animals, and then
is gone again just like that. Who knows perhaps in that sense guns could be a good
thing, if the population ever gets out of hand, there's bound to be disagreements and
discord, maybe we'll all kill eachother off and things will be all peachy again. Same
with disease. We keep finding cures and more lethal and complex diseases arrive. A
sign maybe?
Ok I know you're thinking now that I'm way off the subject, and I am. :) Just
thought it was an interesting point to touch upon. Ever notice it's universally
accepted that basically man was meant to conquer the earth, and that the earth was
almost made for man's triumphs. We don't even think about it, we just accept it. Why
live at the mercy of nature when nature can live at the mercy of us? There are reasons
why. There are laws to life and balances. If we don't abide by them, something's bound
to happen. We keep progressing, and searching for new technology, but to what end? And
for what purpose? We seem to want to achieve and ultimate standard of living, food for
all, no pain. But at this rate will we ever get there? Think of all the cultures we
consider primative. There are many island cultures, very old, some culutres tens of
thousands of years old. And the thing is, they have discovered a way of life that works
for them. They are content, they take what they need, and give back. They follow the
balance. Now if they can survive in peace with nature for that long, it's damn amazing
feat. And when we come and wipe them out with our guns, to take their land and
resources for our expanding population it's actually quite sickening. That system of
living, all that knowledge, down the drain.
Heh, well as you can see I'm totally of the subject now, but I'm into this, screw
guns, I have my opinions you have yours. But now I'd like to hear your opinion on some
of the things I've just stated. It'd be interesting. Later.

-Mike Everett