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Estacado66 wrote:

> In a message dated 12/17/97 7:50:44 PM, you wrote:
> <<Before man came weilding
> our crafty little weapons, nature was in a perfect balance give or take the
> many
> natural disasters that happen on and off.>>
> What could you possibly mean by "perfect balance"? From whose point
> of view are you talking about? I wonder if it seems like nature is in
> perfect balance to the rabbit who is getting his head ripped off by a
> bobcat.

Actually yes. Why do you think the food chain works the way it does?
Animals die, and animals are born. What happens if all the bobcats stop
killing the rabits? An over population of rabits, who use up all their food
supply. Not to mention the bobcats go hungry. In nature its all a risk. Some
make it, some don't. People don't really consider the fact that there might be
laws to life. I myself happen to believe there are. All cause and effect.
What do you think an ecosystem is? The animals who die give life to others.
The native americans knew this and respected it, only taking what they needed.
We on the other hand take whatever we want more or less. And it upsets the
balance quite a bit. Why is it do you think, that animals have been around for
thousands of years, millions, and are still here? They are part of a developed
system of living, crafted and evloved over hundereds of millions of years,
tested against time, and still here. I think thats a pretty amazing feat dont
you? And here we come threatening to whipe out everything in just a few short
thousand, which is nothing compared to how long the earth's been around.
Wonder why there was never any global warming when animals still ruled the
earth. Just some interesting thoughts I've been comtemplating.

-Mike Everett