Re: look out! long-haired gun loon!

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Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:01:12 -0500

Michael Butler wrote:

> I used to feel something like the way you seem to. However, I changed my
> mind. Please read on.

>snip (story)

> Forget about children for just a moment. Are you telling me that no women
> should have any recourse to defend themselves against someone stronger?
> Someone trying to hack their arms off and let them bleed to death?
> Someone carving their chest into a bloody puddle of ribbons?
> Please think this through, it's tough when you feel strongly, but try to
> feel like those women for a moment. Could you tell yourself that your
> death was right and good because it shouldn't have ever happened?

Yeah I hope you read my other response I just posted (should arrive sometime
just before this one). I was sort of worked up when I posted that other one. Yeah
that story is seriously sickening. It is a hard choice to make. But that's one
life opposed to thousands man. How about the millions of jews who died in
concentration camps in WWII? That couldn't really do much about soldiers armed
with guns and other weaponry forcing them to move along, and to do horrible things,
who would shoot them at an instence if they tried anything. And who's to say that
sicko who from that incedent might not be the one ending up with the gun, and
holding that girl at gun point. It goes either ways, but I think that the
elimination of guns would on a whole, have a lot more weight as far as lives saved
than if people are encouraged to own one.
The problem is, a gun is just too deadly, and too easy. Newer generations just
have no respect for their power. Many teenagers wouldn't think twice about ending
another's life at the pull of a trigger. And if an uprising goes down in the
future, they're going to be the ones wielding the guns. I know myself I have
friends who own guns, and it's more or less a game to them. They just want to have
a flashier gun than their friends. Sure they have a blast, they go out, shoot
things, small animals, they go hunting. Yeah it's all fun and games. But the
thing is it's not.
Im obviously aware that there's really no way we could ever just *poof* take
guns right out of society. They're a part of our lives. I'm not suggesting that.
I'm saying hey, take a look at what kind of things are produced from guns. When
the pros are outweighed by the cons, is it really such a good idea to try and go on
defending it? I mean if you own a gun, and you're proud, good, I'm happy for you.
Just don't say, "guns are great, I love 'em, there's nothing wrong in the world
with guns," because that's not true. Guns are bad, not to say they're aren't good
sides. But own up to it, don't deny that when you support guns, you also support
all the unnecessary violence and death that comes with them. Know that when somone
carries a gun, somone one else is going to die, it's inevitable, wether or not the
person who owns the gun is a moral person or not. Many try to defend saying guns
protect, so how can anyone say they're bad. But you don't look far enough to see
that if guns didn't even exist at all there would be a lot less to have to protect
one's self from. Ok I'm out.


-Mike Everett