Re: Gun Owner/Extropians census

John Calvin (
16 Dec 1997 11:49:41 -0500

In response to the survey I do not own a gun, rather I have chosen to live in an
area where there is very little crime, so a firearm is pretty low on my priority
list. If I do at some point in the future choose to purchase a gun, then I will
most certainly make a gun safety course a top priority. Personnally I understand
where Kathryn Aegis' concern comes from but as cold as it may sound if someone
is going to end up maimed or killed by a gun I would certainly prefer that it is
the person aginast whom I might need to defend myself or loved ones from, rather
than myself or loved ones. Sometimes hard choices are required, in the meantime
I hope that most of us choose to seek solutions to the sources of violence
before resulting to it.