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>December 15, 1997
>None of the above
>As of January 1st, California energy customers will be
>able to choose their energy provider. In the coming
>years, however, we might even be able to choose not
>to have an energy provider at all, and instead provide
>ourselves with our own energy. No, we aren't talking
>about cold fusion, we're talking about microturbine
>Companies such as Sundstrand Corporations's Allied
>Signal Aerospace unit, Elliot Energy Systems and
>Capstone Turbine Corporation will be introducing
>commercial microturbine generators in 1998 or early
>1999. What makes microturbines special is that they
>promise to be safe, efficient, quiet, reliable,
>low-maintenance and low-cost generators of electricity
>at the point of use (i.e. at your place of business or
>residence). They're also designed for a variety
>of fuels, including diesel, unleaded gasoline, natural
>gas and, something that will make environmentalists
>happier, alcohol. Oh and did we mention they were
>innovative? The Allied Signal model employs a
>lubricating system of air, not oil, and has only one
>moving part.
>These microturbine generators will initially be
>targeted at a wide range of businesses, from restaurants
>to dry cleaners, but the home market will soon follow.
>And considering the high cost of power in places
>like Hawaii, Alaska, New York, California, Arizona,
>and Maryland, promise to be more than competitive
>price-wise in those areas. As with all innovations,
>these early years are just the tip of the iceberg and
>we are really looking forward to the future of this
>fledgling industry.
>Source: _Investors Business Daily_, December 15, 1997