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Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:16:01 EST

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Whereas I am restricted to old newspaper reports. >>

There you have it....

The credibility I attach to anything written in the newspaper has diminished
considerably over the last twenty or so years. I've seen first hand on
numerous ocassions where the journalist (Is that the proper term) was trying
to put forth an "agenda" and wasn't about to let mere facts get in his way.

Regarding this thread....I'm not too bad of a driver...I have a perfect
record...that is I hae no "Chargeable" accidents on my record. That doesnt
mean I haven't been involved in wrecks...only that it was later determined
that those wrecks were unpreventable from my standpoint and caused by the
other guy.

In each case I barely felt the bump...and in each case the other vehicle...a
fourwheeler (automobile) was pretty badly torn up. No one was hurt in either

I drive an 18 wheeler...not exactly a dumptruck perhaps...but there ARE 18
wheeler belly dumps...and even a ten wheeler probably grosses on the order of
50 to 60 thousand pounds when loaded...That's a whole lot of mass to absorb
the inertial transfer from a puny little 2000 pound passenger car...or a 6
thousand pound one for that matter...