Re: SUGGESTION: ExI Member Surveys?

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 22:49:40 -0800

> From: Harvey Newstrom <>


> Extropians are discussing
> the Wired poll and trying to decide if we are "connected" enough.

The only discussion I have seen that even vaguely matches that
description, was protesting against the definition of the categories
of connectedness in a certain study. We have several examples of
people who are obviously extremely connected, but don't meet the
definition of "connected" or "super-connected" in that study.

For that matter, we don't have (so far) any members who claim to be
"connected" or "super-connected". Just in case anyone wants to speak
up, here are the rules:

(1) either category must actually get on-line and exchange email at
least three times a week (they don't say if receiving spam counts).

(2) of the following four technologies: a desktop computer, a laptop
computer, a pager, and a cellular phone, a connected individual must
have three and a super-connected individual must have all four.

That's the complete definition of those two categories.

> People sometimes wonder what computers Extropians use, how much
> money we make, what kind of jobs we have, what services we offer,
> etc.
> Maybe this could be another Extropian service on the ExI page, polls
> showing extropian responses by percentage. Maybe only paid members
> could actually vote, but anybody could read the results.

I am opposed to going to all this work to provide market research (on
ourselves) services to spammers.

US$500 fee for receipt of unsolicited commercial email. USC 47.5.II.227