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Mon, 15 Dec 1997 09:00:49 -0600

I am interested. January 10th is a Saturday so it would be easy for me
to make if I don't have conflicting plans (e.g. a promotion test in Tae
Kwon Do that I'd not be able to skip). Yes, I am 21+ years old though I
don't drink much at all (a bar wouldn't be the best place to meet for
me...maybe a restaurant/bar for dinner).

M. E. Smith wrote:

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> Hara Ra wrote:
> "May I respectfully suggest that an Exi-MidWest might
> be a good list tostart. I am a member of Exi-Bay, and
> do not need to use this list for the kind of
> co-ordination bandwidth I see here...."
> I agree, although all of the posts on this thread so
> far have not added up to much compared to other
> threads. AFTER THIS MESSAGE, I will start addressing
> my purely co-ordination-al messages directly to those
> who have expressed interest. However, I think for the
> purpose of advertising that a Midwest Extropian
> get-together is being planned for Jan 10 somewhere in
> Chicagoland, we might be forgiven mentioning it here
> about once a week until the event, on the off chance
> that someone who didn't yet know who would want to
> would see the posts... like this:
> ** There are plans afoot to have an informal
> gathering of Midwest Extropians on 10 January 1997
> somewhere in the Chicago area. Details are being
> worked out at this time. Interested people could
> follow this thread backwards or contact me at
> My most recent count of
> interested people (including messages not posted to
> this list) is now seven. I encourage you to increase
> this number! **
> Brian D. Williams wrote:
> "...under the circumstances we might be better
> labeled 'Midwest Extropians'."
> I agree. For the purpose of the hyperlinked archives,
> I will now start using the subject line "Midwest
> Extropians". However, I include this sentence as a
> link to the thread entitled "Chicago Extropians",
> which is really the same thread.
> Michael Bowling asked:
> "Are all prospective attendees 21+ yrs?"
> Good question. I am. Perhaps it would be more
> efficient to ask who isn't?
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