Prof. Gomes (profgomes@geocities.com)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:51:52

Well, it was discussed that the method recently exposed simply "would kill"
the original living being and
remake an exact copy with the same data than the original... And everybody,
including the copy, would swear that it would de the same... but IT WOULD
NOT !!!

NEVERTHELESS, there is a TRANSFER METHOD which permits to teletransfer
exactly the original individual:

Just execute the teletransfer *step by step*, as if it were a series of
organ transplantations. This way, we would go transfering each part,
keeping something like a "telelink" with the rest of the parts that are
still at the origin. F. ex.: your eyes would "go"first and your brain would
"see" with the transfered eyes, and just then could destruct the original
eyes.. they will have already been substituted... And so on with all the
other parts of the body... Indeed, I suppose that with will be necessary
just with the brain, since I do not need my original eyes >> just
functionally equivalent ones... And more: I am not a physiologist but I am
supposing that the brain has complete redundancy of functions, even if it
will be necessary a momentary and recuperable "coma" while the teletranfer.
Apparently, such "partitioned" teletransfer will be distance-limited by the
maximum time necessary to the mentioned links be mantained... Anyway we can
be teletransfered via lots of "teletransfer substations" (like airplane

In worse hypothesis, teletransfer cell by cell, ( supposing total
functional redundancy)