Midwest Extropians

M. E. Smith (mesmith@rocketmail.com)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:56:50 -0800 (PST)

Hara Ra wrote:
"May I respectfully suggest that an Exi-MidWest might
be a good list tostart. I am a member of Exi-Bay, and
do not need to use this list for the kind of
co-ordination bandwidth I see here...."

I agree, although all of the posts on this thread so
far have not added up to much compared to other
threads. AFTER THIS MESSAGE, I will start addressing
my purely co-ordination-al messages directly to those
who have expressed interest. However, I think for the
purpose of advertising that a Midwest Extropian
get-together is being planned for Jan 10 somewhere in
Chicagoland, we might be forgiven mentioning it here
about once a week until the event, on the off chance
that someone who didn't yet know who would want to
would see the posts... like this:

** There are plans afoot to have an informal
gathering of Midwest Extropians on 10 January 1997
somewhere in the Chicago area. Details are being
worked out at this time. Interested people could
follow this thread backwards or contact me at
mesmith@rocketmail.com. My most recent count of
interested people (including messages not posted to
this list) is now seven. I encourage you to increase
this number! **

Brian D. Williams wrote:
"...under the circumstances we might be better
labeled 'Midwest Extropians'."

I agree. For the purpose of the hyperlinked archives,
I will now start using the subject line "Midwest
Extropians". However, I include this sentence as a
link to the thread entitled "Chicago Extropians",
which is really the same thread.

Michael Bowling asked:
"Are all prospective attendees 21+ yrs?"

Good question. I am. Perhaps it would be more
efficient to ask who isn't?

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