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Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
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> > Because electric plants are big, they typically are built on a
> > pipeline of whatever fuel they are using.
> To a certain extent it's the other way around: because electric
> plants are big, fuel pipelines are built to them.

Occasionally, when other factors weigh larger in determining the plant

> > Even coal plants are built
> > alongside railroads, oil and gas on pipelines, hydro on rivers
> There's not exactly much choice about the latter, you know.

Depends. I know of a river in upstate NH that was completely redirected
when it was dammed up because another route would give it a greater
drop without a long penstock. For a while in the early part of the
century it was one of the largest dammed bodies of water in the world.
Umbagog Lake, Lake Azizcohos, and Moosemeguntic Lake were all treated in
this manner and were three of the largest dammed lakes in the world. The
Volga in Russia was redirected from flowing into the Caspian to provide
water to Siberian wheat farmers.

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