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Dialogue I we'd like to see:

Picard: "Oh, no! Kirk is dead!"

Jordi: "That's okay, I'll just make a fresh copy from the last time we teleported him -- or did you think we reduced people to binary information without recording that information?"

>Since the copy is not me, what characteristics really define the individual


>With an object, there's apparently no problem in using the exact copy...

>but even animals, copied like

>this, are other beings...


>What I am ???




>>In the method used for teletransfer the particle, it is necessary to

>>destroy the original...

>>But if we talk about a person, like Kirk, I suppose that after the first

>>teletransport, it is not the

>>original Kirk anymore... although the copy "teletransported" has the same

>>memory banks than the original

>>and simply continues Original Kirk's work....and for everybody, he just

>>*apparently* is the original>>> Got what I mean ??????


>>That is obvious because if we do not delete the original >>> there will be

>>2 Kirks...>>

>>And if the original is the one not deleted, if you destroy him, the second

>>will be just a copy.....





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