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Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
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> I just gotta point out one detail that I suspect is a minor error:
> > Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > Electric vehicles are, in total, around 45% efficient on average,
> > while Internal Combustion vehicles are 18% efficient, on average.
> > This is a comparison of only the engine, power source, power train,
> > and rolling and aerodynamic friction. When Power plant efficiencies
> > are figured in, it comes out that EVs are on average 3 times more
> > energy efficient, and, including power plant emissions, 33% cleaner
> > than current IC technology. (of course, this fails to measure
> > emissions of oil refineries, hint hint)
> You're implying that you aren't factoring in the energy cost of the
> refining and transportation of gasoline.
> Three times 18% is 54%. You're saying that the complete power cycle
> of an electric car is three times as efficient as the internal power
> cycle of a standard IC engine car, or 54% efficient. However, you
> also say that the internal power cycle of an electric car is only 45%
> efficient. This implies that the efficiency of the electric power
> plant, transmission system, and battery charging system (or
> equivalent) is rather in excess of 100%.

No, what I am saying is that the energy drain to refine the oil that
makes the gasoline, transports the gasoline, etc. further reduce the
efficiency of an IC car, as a systemic calculation, while electric power
plants are very efficient at creating the electricity from whatever
source, that, in the end, according to what I saw a couple years ago
from the Energy Dept, its a 3 to 1 difference. I don't remember the
final, total system, efficiency percentages, just the ratio between
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