AWARDS (was Re: Dribble Glasses and Sticky Notes)

Michael Butler (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:05:15 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > > What's the opposite of a dribble glass? A simple, effective piece
> > > of technology that does its job so well and so naturally that we don't
> > > have to think about it? The ballpoint pen?
> >
> > I'd say the #2 redwood pencil. Or pencil & paper considered as a system.
> Paper I can see, but pencils are too complicated, requiring an extra
> piece of non-obvious technology to keep them operational. But that

A knife? :) ...or that bizarre thing with the handle? :)

I assume everyone here already knows about Doug Engelbart's classic
illustrative pencil-with-a-brick-attached, right?
I think a Brick(less)Pencil citation/medal/award would be another
good thing. If I can figure out the endowment/award structure, I'll let
you know...



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