Re: PHYS: Quantum Teleportation

Brent Allsop (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:32:20 -0700

Mark <> responded:

> At the source threw in the particle you wanted to transfer, measured
> the resulting state, sent that by radio, email, or carrier pigeon,
> then coerced the other particle and photon into the appropriate
> state.

That's not what I read from the descriptions. From what I
understand you do have to transport the two "entangled" photons to the
source and destination. But once the source photon interacts with the
photon being copied the orientation information is spontaneously
transmitted(?) to the other "entangled" photon regardless of it's
distance. The way you put it it sounds like you have to communicate
the orientation information to the destination photon and then set
that destination photon orientation based on this communicated state
information which would be meaningless.

From what I read in the description in the article you could
preload a pipeline of "entangled" photons going to the source and
destination of distant communication points. Then once the entangled
photons started arriving at the source and destination, you could then
communicate by setting the orientation of the entangled photons at one
location and have the corresponding twin photon on the other side of
the galaxy spontaneously reveal the info about the particular state of
the source photon which could be galaxy away. i.e. faster than light
communication. Sure you have to preload the pipelines, but once this
is done why is this not faster than light communication?

Could it be that the orientation cannot be set at either
distant location, but wrather that it's state can be observed or
"collapsed", and that the particular random collapsing would
correspond to the entangled photon a galaxy away? This might make
more sense, and would definitely not be communication. But, if this
is the way it behaves what's the big deal? This sounds like nothing
but quite basic Newtonian stuff to me.

And how would any of this phenomenon be used in some kind of
"quantum computer"?