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Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
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> > Of course not. you fail to understand the economics of energy
> > prices. Tell me, when did oil companies make the biggest
> > profits????? Duh, when prices were sky high during the OPEC
> > stimulated and Carter induced oil crunch of the 70's and 80's.
> I'm no admirer of Carter. IMHO he's the second-best President of my
> lifetime, because he was so incompetent he couldn't get his
> horrible ideas implemented -- the best was Reagan because his good
> ideas got in the way of Congress's horrible ideas, and in
> retaliation Congress didn't approve his horrible ideas either.
> But let's give the, ahem, "credit" where it's due.
> It was primarily NIXON that induced the oil crunch of the 70s. (And
> OPEC was more than happy to take advantage of it.) It was pretty
> much over before Carter came into office. As far as I can recall
> there really was no oil crunch in the 80s.

Prices remained above $23.00 per barrel for oil until the late 80's
WHile supply may have been high, government policies kept oil prices
higher than they should have been. Sure there were no gas station lines
stretching around the block, but that was more a matter of cars going
from 10 mpg to 25 mpg on average.

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