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Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:45:47 -0500

S.J. Van Sickle wrote:
> > I seem to remember a Scottish study (sorry, no references ;( ) that found
> > a steady decline in sperm count for Scottish men in the last couple
> > decades.
> Perhaps a decline in the practice of wearing kilts? : )
> > I was reading about some environmentalist movement
> > that had its roots in Germany. They underlying doctrine of this group
> > was: if we kill ourselves, we'll be helping the environment. Apparently,
> > some techno song supporting this meme (and created by a member) is on the
> > top 20 list in Germany. Can someone verify this? (especially those in
> > Germany) It seems to me if these people exist, they pose the greatest
> > threat to human beings imaginable. It seems only logical that the next
> > step in their logic would be "why don't we kill everyone else." The
> > danger would be that these characters would take Kamakazi(excuse my
> > spelling) to a whole new level-- their objective would be to kill as many
> > people as possible including themselves. I hope I don't sound
> > too paranoid, but if this group exists, they sound very dangerous.
> Check out the home page of The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:
> The Church of Euthanasia:
> And the Gaia Liberation Front:
> >From the Voluntary Human Extinction pages:
> The Church of Euthanasia advocates what many think of when they hear
> about VHEMT for the first time: suicide for Earth's sake. Founder
> Chris Korda, in their newsletter Snuff It, (4) encourages those who
> are truly serious about saving the planet to kill themselves. Also
> offered are several creative ways to help the cause of voluntary
> human extinction.
> The Gaia Liberation Front (5) favors people killing each other as
> in wars, but prefers "hand-to-hand combat, or better yet,
> biological agents that kill only humans."
> Even if these are only unusually elaborate trolls, or inept Swiftian
> satire, they make my blood run cold....

Actually, I think its a kind of darwinian hybrid vigor or some such.
Anyways, let em off themselves if they want to.

I wonder if they were for or against Ms. Williams' peacenik/ecohippy
inspired Landmine Ban????

Its good to see that at least SOME econuts can actually think out a
linear chain of logic no matter how sick, and better yet, that they can
actually ACT on it.

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