Re: Kyoto, Driving our car

S.J. Van Sickle (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 16:54:53 +0000

> I seem to remember a Scottish study (sorry, no references ;( ) that found
> a steady decline in sperm count for Scottish men in the last couple
> decades.

Perhaps a decline in the practice of wearing kilts? : )

> I was reading about some environmentalist movement
> that had its roots in Germany. They underlying doctrine of this group
> was: if we kill ourselves, we'll be helping the environment. Apparently,
> some techno song supporting this meme (and created by a member) is on the
> top 20 list in Germany. Can someone verify this? (especially those in
> Germany) It seems to me if these people exist, they pose the greatest
> threat to human beings imaginable. It seems only logical that the next
> step in their logic would be "why don't we kill everyone else." The
> danger would be that these characters would take Kamakazi(excuse my
> spelling) to a whole new level-- their objective would be to kill as many
> people as possible including themselves. I hope I don't sound
> too paranoid, but if this group exists, they sound very dangerous.

Check out the home page of The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:

The Church of Euthanasia:

And the Gaia Liberation Front:

>From the Voluntary Human Extinction pages:

The Church of Euthanasia advocates what many think of when they hear
about VHEMT for the first time: suicide for Earth's sake. Founder
Chris Korda, in their newsletter Snuff It, (4) encourages those who
are truly serious about saving the planet to kill themselves. Also
offered are several creative ways to help the cause of voluntary
human extinction.

The Gaia Liberation Front (5) favors people killing each other as
in wars, but prefers "hand-to-hand combat, or better yet,
biological agents that kill only humans."

Even if these are only unusually elaborate trolls, or inept Swiftian
satire, they make my blood run cold....