Re: Chicago Extropians

M. E. Smith (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:46:33 -0800 (PST)

Concerning Chicago/Midwest Extropians, Michael
Bowling wrote:

"Depending on the response to this gathering, we may
have to reserve something(??) (I'm new to
get-together planning business)."

I'm not so new at it, and I doubt we'll have that
sort of problem at this point. Rather, I'm concerned
that the response will be insufficient for us to
gather as early as January. (By insufficent, I mean
less than four people saying they'll be there. I
certainly wouldn't recommend travelling all the way
up here just to meet little old me.)

Let's give it a several more days before reacting.
Also, if the response is insufficient at this point
to gather in January, let's not give up. Some things
take time.

Getting organized extropian activity in Chicago and
the Midwest going may unfortunately require more than
just posts in this list. Perhaps not as many people
in Chicago read the Wired article.... I know there
are a lot of people in Chicago with extropian
tendencies, but they may never have heard the word
"extropy". To generalize, while there are some
cultural differences between greater LA (for
example)and Chicagoland*, these are so slight as to
be negligible to a first approximation.

Anyway, I expect we'll be starting pretty small.

*By the way, Michael, are you originally from
Chicago? I thought only Chicagoans used the term
"Chicagoland". I once used the term as nearby as
Milwaukee, and was met with noncomprehension. They
thought I was talking about a theme park or

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