Re: Kyoto, Driving our car

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 21:27:16 -0800

> From: Michael Lorrey <>

> I've also seen simulations by oceanographers at UW a couple years
> ago that showed that most of the rise in CO2 levels had much more to
> do with the killoff of oceanic plankton in the southern hemisphere,
> which is directly and conclusively linked to the chlorine caused
> ozone hole.

Hm... "the chlorine caused ozone hole".

(1) What is the primary source of chlorine in the atmosphere?

(2) More specifically, what is the primary source of chlorine in the
upper atmosphere over Antarctica?

(Surprisingly enough, the answers to the two questions are

(3) How do human (industrial and other) emissions of chlorine into
the atmosphere relate or compare to either of these?

(4) How much human-source chlorine is specifically in the upper
atmosphere over Antarctica?

(Answers: oceans, a volcano, infinitesmal, and essentially none.)

(5) What do you propose the government, or anyone else, should do
that would actually affect this situation?

I think that turning off
volcanoes is currently beyond our technology, and coating the oceans
with oil to prevent chlorine evaporation might have significant
undesirable side effects. :-)
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