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> Date: Sunday, December 07, 1997 12:00 PM
> Keith Elis <> writes:
> > But how can we tell if a mathematical point is rotating or not?
> As Lee Daniel Crocker pointed out, black holes are not points. They
> are a pattern of spacetime, and rotates in all physically reasonable
> models. A simple way of testing if a black hole rotates (and how fast)
> is to drop a small object from towards it. If the object begins to
> deviate from a straight fall, then the hole rotates and the deviation
> and direction of deviation can be used to calculate the angular
> momentum.
> I think there are some popular explanations of this in Pickover's
> _Black Holes: A Travellers Guide_. There is also (of course) a more
> detailled treatment in Misner, Thorne, Wheeler's _Gravity_.
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