Re: wormholes

Keith Elis (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 13:10:20 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> Keith Elis asks
> : If it were possible to begin a normal (Schwarzchild) black hole rotating,
> : would one be able to create such a ring-shaped singularity?
> Rotation alone can't be enough, because normal BHs do (or can) rotate.

But how can we tell if a mathematical point is rotating or not? If we can't
tell, then there's no way to know if it's rotating fast enough. I don't know
much beyond this, but the fact that normal BH's can rotate (or even do rotate)
doesn't mean this "can't be enough" to form a ring singularity. I brought this
up because it seems like ring singularities would pretty useful things for
understanding more about gravity wells and possibly wormholes.
Keith M. Elis
AKA Hagbard (to the initiated)