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John K Clark wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 Douglas Whitworth <> Wrote:
> >Is this concept the same as the one used in " Contact" whereby Jodie
> > Foster ( can't remember her character's name) is sucked through the
> >wormhole when her " capsule" is launched by the Vagan designed ..
> >er.. Artificial Singularity ?
> snip...
> Thorn felt badly, he didn't want to leave his friend in the lurch and became
> determined to find a way Sagan could finish his book. After a few days of
> work he found that wormholes could be stabilized and made to do useful things
> if you had something that pushed the wormholes walls apart gravitationally,
> something with a negative energy density from light's frame of reference,
> something like antimass. Thorn called this stuff "Exotic Material". Nothing
> like Exotic Material has ever been observed and there is no theoretical
> reason to think it exists, but there is no theoretical reason to think it
> doesn't either, and that was just what Sagan needed for his novel.
Exotic Matter far predates Sagan. It goes all the way back to the early
50's. ALcubierre posited it for use in his warp drive concept...
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