More copper chips

Brian Atkins (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 17:17:34 -0500

Texas Instruments Does Copper Combo
Wired News Report

12:15pm 4.Dec.97.PST
Texas Instruments claims to have one-upped
Motorola's and IBM's recent copper-chip
achievements with a new technology that
promises to increase performance tenfold and
combat the effect of resistance and capacitance.
The new chip technology combines copper wiring
with a new insulating material called xerogel - a
material made of microscopic air-filled glass

TI claims xerogel solves the issue of capacitance
in chips that continue to get smaller and smaller.
New chips using the copper/xerogel combination
are expected to be the size of a fingernail, with
500 million transistors.

The future has arrived; it's just not evenly distributed.
                                                       -William Gibson
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