YES > STEVE's Re: New option: Leave Extropians as is, start

Prof. Gomes (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:53:13 -0300

YES ! Reaches both objectives:

1.Of extropians members and

2. Of extropians by heart ... (or brain...)

Obs: {1} U {2} .NE. { } , obviously...


At 16:57 02/12/97 -0800, you wrote:
>At 09:01 AM 12/2/97 +0000, Steve Van Sickle wrote:
>>Max said:
>>> Instead, we could leave the Extropians list as it is, and create a new,
>>> additional list, say ExI-Members, or Extropians-Special, or
>>> Extropians-Insider (or whatever has the appropriate elitist ring to it :)
>>> ). That would leave this list more open, but mean we have a more filtered,
>>> probably higher S/N list, with clear guidelines for members, so we would
>>> still have a new members-only benefit to add to the other membership
>>This list is sponsored by ExI itself, yes? Its going to be the
>>first place newcomers look, since they will want to see the "main"
>>list (even though that would not be accurate). First impressions are
>>important. Why not do it the other way? Make this, the "main",
>>unhyphenated list members only post, everyone read, and create a
>>Extropians-Free for All list. Make the Extropians FfA deliberately
>>*anything goes*, [....]
>Thanks for your suggestion, Steve. I like it. I'm watching the feedback --
>thanks to all for your input. Currently I'm inclining towards Steve's
>version of my suggestion. I'd like to decide by the end of this week.
>Max More, Ph.D.
>President, Extropy Institute:,