Re: SCI: existance -vs- non-existance

Anders Sandberg (
04 Dec 1997 11:03:48 +0100

Ian Camilleri <> writes:

> If it takes a large gravity well to create a wormhole, or in effect, a
> black hole or singularity, how would it be possible to traverse? Anything
> like a black hole would tear you to shreads and crunch you into infinitly
> dense particles.

Wormholes may have this problem, the jury is still out on that. The
energy densities and space-time curvatures involved in wormholes are
comparable to black holes (but "negative" in some sense), and there
are many wormhole models that are not traversable at all since they
collapse, have infinite blueshifts and other nastiness. But on the
other hand, just as very large black holes would have fairly weak
tidal forces at their event horizons, traversable wormholes with
sufficiently large throats might be survivable.

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