Re: SCI: existance -vs- non-existance
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 14:32:04 -0500 (EST)

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<< A wormhole, as I understand it, is effectivly an area where space time has
been curved by a strong enough source of gravity, to the extent that two
points in space time are briged by a gap, thus allowing fast travel between
two otherwise distant points. The "gap" which connects the two points is
an area which for all intents and purposes, doesnt really exist. It is
dimensionless with respect to time and space.
That is the part I dont really understand too much. In effect, if you
were able to walk into a wormhole, you would be entering this
"non-existant" gap and you wouldnt find yourself traveling down a long
tunnel with flashing lights and what not, you would enter and find yourself
at the other end at the same time. Does this then mean that if you are
standing in a wormhole that you are in effect in two different places at
the same time, and isnt that a paradox?
The area of non-existance which the bending of space-time creates would be
the same as what is outside the boundary of the universe. Obviously,
outside the universe nothing exists because it hasnt occured, or been
created yet; time has not occured there. Then, if you could somehow reach
the edge of the universe, or the edge of time (which too is a paradox) and
you crossed the border between our universe (existance) and the other side
(non-existance), like a wormhole, you could then travel from one side of
the universe to the other instantaneously, assuming the universe is like a
sphere of space time.
This is my understanding of this so far...please feel free to offer any
guidance or other theories as to this.


Don't forget your option to regard wormhole theories as a bunch
of crap. Sometimes we don't understand theories because our rational
mind is begging us not to abandon it.