Re: NJ Extropians/>H?

Pat Fallon (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 10:45:04 -0500

Twink wrote:
> Since others are asking, are there any in my area? That is, in Northern
> New Jersey, USA, Earth?
> Daniel Ust

There are at least 2 people I would call extropians here in the Poconos.
Pat Fallon (me) and George Wakefield (co-worker). So far, the only
gathering we have planned over the next few weeks is attending the
Pocono Libertarians monthly forum (this month it's an Xmas party), on
Tuesday, Dec 16th at the Tannersville Inn (1 mile off of route 80). If
you're interested, there's more info at:

Otherwise, if you're near Stroudsburg, PA, stop in at The Computer
Doctor and say hi. It would be cool to meet extropians in the meat, here
on the right coast.

Pat Fallon