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Berrie (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:34:27 +0100

Kathryn wrote:

> Assuming that a dual-list structure can be maintained without
> an inordinate drain on ExI's resources, I support the concept from
> a memetic standpoint. Very few discussion forums currently exist for
> persons new to transhumanist and extropian thought to participate in
> intelligent, rational discussion and, in doing so, to develop their
> own potential for future contributions. None of us came to this set
> of ideas full-blown, and many of us have experienced growth through
> interaction with more advanced thinkers. Some general transhumanists
> make the decision to pursue extropian goals, and others sharpen our
> minds with their continued presence.

I don't want to post a "me too" one, but this is the one I like best.
For me this is what it's all about.

I'm realistic: we build our own structure as you all heard by now,
but this also costs money. I'm not complaining, it's my free choice.
So I know very well what the dilemma of Max is. You want more people
but you also need money. Charge them to high and they go, charge
them to low and your own structure fails to exist.

So, for me, It's not the price that bothers me. I will make my own
decision if I think I have value for money.
(although it's a bit "stupid" to pay one organization while you can
use all the money for your own, since they both serve the "same"

What bothers me is the
fact that after all the hard work of Extropy, I'm not far off by saying
that the Transhuman-meme isn't firmly known around the world.
I (we) would like to focus on this meme-spreding thing first.
More people = more idea's = more commitment = more donations
= a stronger well known structure.
Transhumansim is he very first "thing" in the world I'm more then
willing to invest a lot off time and money in with whole my hart.
After reading a lot
on the site off Henry Kluytmans and Anders Sandberg.
(they both try to educate people) I was hooked, I saw the light :-)
I also thought (think) that seeing everything that was (is) going on
here; all Transhumanists are honestly working/hoping for a better
world with as much people on board as possible.
So in my/our own humble way I/we will work
(with all who would like to help)
towards a well known Transhuman organization (in the Netherlands)

I noticed the frustration about the Noise. Since I'm a newbie
myself I take this partly personal. But I also noticed that
sometimes one off my posts started some "high"-level off
discussion on which (due to lack off scientific knowledge)
I had to drop out. But let me tell you again: I learn and enjoy.
But also, aren't this the sparks you need now and then, if
you are highly educated and seen it all ?

Anyway: I will see what Max decides, it's "his" organization
and I'm thankful to him that I could be part off this list.
But Max, I hope you agree with me that if you want to attract
new people in large amounts you have to make sure that the
hurdle they have to take is as low as possible.

Best regards,

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