META: Collaborative recommendation

Leevi Marttila (
03 Dec 1997 06:39:49 +0200

Maybe something like this could work:

> GroupLens(TM) Collaborative Recommendation
> Service
> The GroupLens Research Project will be provides the GroupLens
> Collaborative Recommendation System as a free service to the public.
> The GroupLens system provides personalized predictions of interest for
> every article you see in Internet newsgroups. These predictions allow
> you to quickly locate articles of interest and avoid uninteresting
> articles. Collaborative filtering techniques are used to generate
> predictions from the other readers' recommendations on article
> quality. Predictions are personalized by using recommendations from
> other readers who frequently agree with you. The GroupLens system will
> make reading Internet newsgroups productive again.

You could yourself choose S/N ratio.