Why ExI?

xtu62 (xtu62@dial.pipex.com)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 20:37:37 -0000

Max More wrote:

>The Justice Department has recently been using the idea of network
>economies to justify prosecuting Microsoft. The bigger the network, the
>larger the internal benefits. The fact that (small as we are) ExI is the
>largest and most active transhumanist organization does give reason for
>those sympathetic to its goals to get on board. The more of us there are
>together, the more we can accomplish and the better the network functions.
>If people hold off joining because they don't want to join organizations
>(however that feeling is motivated) then we will have a hard time reaching
>a size able to make real changes.
>Yes! Please do ask, and please do comment on what you would like to see ExI
>doing (and how we can make it happen with our resources or by expanding our

Okay, so what is the purpose of ExI? What are these "changes" you want to
make? If members do not have to agree with your political standpoint then
they cannot be political. So what, exactly, are you talking about when you
mention "changes"? If you're not trying to make political changes then are
you offering services other than communication with like minded people? Is
it a support group? a charity even? The reason I've never joined is because
I have no idea of what it's all about.