About Hawk's >> Re: New option: Leave Extropians as is, start

Prof. Gomes (profgomes@geocities.com)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:23:19 -0300

>I've been on the list since it's inception and managed it for
>sometime. I don't accept the view of a "quagmire of internal turmoil."
>The Institute is self has never been been healthier, stronger or more
>The list only reflects those who are on it and the many roles that it
>serves and there are many. There are many easy ways to improve the
>list's S/N. Here is one: hire a few Phd's to screen each post and
>charge enough for the list to cover that cost.
>Given the clear goal that the list should be effective for the
>institute w/out taking resources away from it my previous suggestion
>is clearly not a good one. Nor would be in the inverse which would be
>to allow anyone to post on any topic.
>Given that some middle ground must be met and that those involved are
>smart, well spoken and sometimes aggressive people with differing
>views you can see that any changes to the list and the list it self
>can bring conflict.
>If there is any Quagmire it's that there isn't a separate list for the
>meta discussion of the list and that those who want basic list
>resources have no way to avoid the "good fight about the list"
>Harry S. Hawk

"Young" Extropians may not begin its grown with the same errors than
"extinct" (?) Nazis...

Does anybody know what means "DEMOCRACY IN ACTION" ???

Just read above...


PS: Closing the list is completely different from admitting the necessity of
creating a more silent room to provide a better environment to discuss
really important subjects... But what makes someone think this can be got
by paying money for it ??

So:>>> Create another list: the "Silent room"... but include invited serious
people... not just those who will pay for it... If you do not take care,
this will be a perfect occasion for "Little Dollies" show their butts a
little more... But... and about the brains ??? ( with lots of exceptions,